What’s The Fastest Way to Learn English?

My students are always looking for shortcuts. When I teach them about the 1st and 2nd conditional, they ask, ‘but which ONE do I need?’ When there’s a difficult new word, they say ‘oh, I’ll never use that one.’ And in the first lesson, it’s always the same question – ‘What’s the fastest way to learn English?’

The fastest way is to marry a native speaker and live in their country with no access to your own language. Or perhaps even faster would be to be dropped into a deadly jungle with a group of English speakers and you have to learn the language quickly or die.

But for those of you already in a relationship or not willing to be dropped into The Hunger Games I’ve got some bad news for you – it takes time to learn a language.

You might read articles called ‘Here’s How I Learned 7 Languages in 4 Months’ or ‘Become Proficient in English in Just 8 Minutes!!!’ And maybe those writers really did learn faster than normal, and maybe their methods do work as they describe – for some people.

But for most people, including you, there are no shortcuts. You have to study for 600 hours to achieve fluency, and at least another 600 to achieve mastery.

From beginner to proficient… at least 1,200 hours… that’s quite a lot of work, right? Now, there’s no need to do all of that in a year. Or two years. You can spread it out over 5 or 10. And if you can read this text then you probably have a lot of English learning experience already. Did you study for 5 years in school? Do you use English at work? Have you ever watched a movie in English? You probably have more hours of English experience than you realise.

So what have we learned? We’ve learned that you need to study English for hundreds of hours to reach your goal.

But there are tips and tricks to make the journey a little faster, a lot more memorable, and a great deal more fun.

That’s where this website comes in. Our 77 Principles will give you food for thought and help you progress as fast as possible. Our grammar articles will take something boring and make them just a little less boring. And our vocabulary section will make your language learning more vivid and help you really remember those new words.

All that remains is to wish you a lot of fun as you continue to learn this beautiful, important, and maddening language.

Sir 77